Hello everyone and welcome to My Money Saving Blog.com. My name is Alan Johnson and thank you for joining me today. If you follow the information in this Blog even at a minimum percentage I guarantee it will alter your financial situation in a very positive way. This blog will teach you to respect your income, recognize wasteful spending, the importance of good credit, to detect unfair business practices,  avoid pitfalls in society that will devour your income, the significance of developing short term and/or long term financial goals, and ultimately true financial freedom. Also after you begin to save your money showing you what to do with it which will create stability, peace of mind, and security.

You may notice that the language in this blog will be so that everyone can understand. It will be Jargon free because I am not selling a worthless, useless product that I need to make sound better than it is through the use of a massive vocabulary. Jargon will be discussed down the road as it is very important to understand and avoid.

Hopefully soon into reading this blog you will realize that true happiness is found through financial freedom, not through the purchase of cheap Chinese made goods. It may be too soon for that just yet.

Let me tell you my credentials and what I have been up to . For the past 20 years I have been a professional Glass Blower creating hand sculptured figurines from solid glass rods. How many people do you know can say that is there business? Those of you who are familiar with the art form know that it is technically called Lamp Working. My business is very unique as I do not have a permanent location. Traveling on the road with my own kiosk packed with product, I contact a mall before hand and they create a lease agreement for a specified time, 10 days – 1 month depending on the time of year or holiday, then I set up my kiosk and product  in the main aisles of the mall, and go to work demonstrating my art form as I retail my product.  This way of life has presented so much information about the spending habits of people, the practices of companies, the subtleties of advertising, all through intense observation over the course of my career.

My education is only an Associates Degree in Business Administration but through hard work and determination I have created quite a life for myself and my wife. Far from rich from a financial point of view but my home is the only thing I am currently financing. Both of our cars were bought new and now paid for, $0.00 credit card debt, cash in the bank for at least one month of bills if not two, and an IRA that is slowly increasing. Oh, and my business is paid for as well. The kiosk with all of the product contained as well as the truck and trailer which moves it from place to place and my Mentors Training Fee which was $13,000 has all been paid for. My credit score is between 733 and 766 lately. The criteria for reaching a perfect credit score changes from time to time. My score in 2006 was 801 which I was extremely proud of. A perfect credit score is still 850 and you should take the time to look up the necessities to reach that excellence.

Please do not think that I am bragging on myself but this took hard work and discipline to reach these goals. In fact if you are trying to decide where to begin on your new positive financial journey, credit should be your number one area to start. Good credit is everything.

That is it for today. Thank you for joining me at mymoneysavingblog.com and I hope you will continue visiting.